Well said Peter.

Since about 2007-8, as a result of studying the unfolding financial crisis back then, I have been obsessed with the topic "cost of living" - and everything that I have learned tells me that "deflation is prosperity" - because it reduces the cost of living, and therefore expands economic opportunities, and increases the quality of life. I am fortunate to have lived in Thailand since 2004 and I have also learned oodles from the Thai people's way of life, 50% of whom and still farmers, and they don't buy into this attitude that farming is "the grind of poverty."

The ugly truth is that the entire world is awash in the disinformation that has been created for hundreds of years by the globalists who created global capitalism as we know it today, which I refer to as "fascist capitalism" - where everything must be monopolized by the owners of global capital, the central banks, the international banking cartels, and multinationals.

All of which is not spreading prosperity, it is spreading wealth and income inequality and poverty.

Anyway thanks for the article, thanks for the follow on Twitter which is what led me here.

Ivan M. Paton

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