My name’s Peter St Onge. I’m an economist at the Heritage Foundation, a Fellow at the Mises Institute, a former MBA professor, and an ex-bartender.

I started writing this newsletter in 2021 to try and cut through the BS and talk about what’s really happening to our economy and to our freedoms. It’s a joy to write, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading!

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My Favorite Articles

Favorite #1: Turns out Hundreds of Banks are at Risk

Favorite #2: How the Fed Finances the Crisis Industrial Complex

Favorite #3: What if the US Dollar Collapses?

Favorite #4: How Bitcoin and Deflation Bring Us Back

Favorite #6: Voters hate CBDC’s. Why do Governments Keep Pushing Them?

Favorite #5: Ray Dalio Predicts “Great Disorder” in Next 18 Months

About Me

Since I was a kid I’ve loved economics to figure out how the world works and how to make it better. But my first career was in corporate marketing, which really disappointed my mother.

On lunch-breaks I gambled on dot-coms, retiring at 25 to a remote Thai island. One day I speed-boated in for provisions, walked into an internet cafe, and discovered I’d lost all my money in the dot-com crash. So I bartended in an Osaka dive-bar, then returned to marketing at a Japanese multinational — Takara, the maker of Transformers.

I craved brain-food so went back for the PhD in economics and became an MBA professor in deeply un-woke Taiwan. Where I failed to buy enough Bitcoin to retire again.

Nowadays I’m an economist at Heritage, a Fellow at the Mises Institute, and I make daily videos on economics and freedom. Basically what I used to teach but fewer hung-over grad students.

I also post daily videos that I gather up into a weekly podcast:

And I’m always on twitter as profstonge 🥳

I hope you enjoy reading!

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Articles about Economics and Freedom. I’m an economist at the Heritage Foundation, a Fellow at the Mises Institute, and a former professor at Taiwan’s Feng Chia University.